- A Labor of Love -

In November 2020 award-winning author Jose Larraga had an idea to develop a book featuring art created by seniors living in home care facilities. The idea quickly gained enthusiasm and acceptance by being welcomed by two key public entities, Master Dreamers Inc. and Moon Vows Inc., both recognized for their remarkable dedication of service in senior facilities and the community. 

 “With the partnership, our goal is to collaborate with creative staff, equipment, and financial support to collectively put together a most unique art publication honoring each of these remarkable seniors” explains the originator of the book, Jose Larraga. “We are very pleased with this perfect partnership to create and publish the book Hidden Art, giving all seniors living in these facilities a platform of their own to drive them towards the fulfillment of their dreams”. 

 Initially the book was going to be called "Still Here" but during the design process, Mr Larraga's son, Jourdan Larraga suggested the name "Hidden Art" which further identifies the purpose of the book, so it was officially adopted and registered as hiddenart.org on August 31, 2022, 

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- Hidden memories turned into Hidden Art -

In the beginning of 2022, Hidden Art made history and became a reality by launching the first Call for Artists in April 2022. The response was immediately accepted and applauded by all the home care facilities.

 By the month of June, more than 25 senior artists, from six different home care facilities submitted their artwork for the first book publication. 

NEWS RELEASE - 11/25/2022: Award-winning author Jose Larraga in association with the non-profit organizations Master Dreamers Inc., and Moon Vows Inc., proudly announce the release of the long awaited book, HIDDEN ART: The first book ever published featuring art created by seniors living in home care facilities such as nursing homes, memory care, and assisted living facilities. :)

 The first Hidden Art book corresponding to the year 2022-2023 was published in November 25, 2022 by the publishing company WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan, containing an impressive content of 116 full color pages. Available worldwide through major book stores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, eBay, West Bow Press and others, available in harcover, softcover and eBook formats. 

 December 1st, 2022 was registered as the date of the first book sale. The first person registered to have received the book after buying it from Amazon, was Mrs. Karen Barreto from San Antonio Texas and her first words after receiving it were “It’s beyond beautiful!”. :) 

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- What is next? -

The mission of the association between award-winning author Jose Larraga with non-profit organizations Master Dreamers Inc., and Moon Vows Inc. was to establish a solid long-term partnership and publish a new Hidden Art book each year. 

 For this reason in January 2023 after the first publication experience and having so many thoughts about the future of the book, it was decided to make this a non-stop every year project under the umbrella "The Hidden Art Project" registered officially in February 2, 2023 as TheHiddenArtProject.com

We must never forget that Hidden Art was created to honor seniors living in nursing homes, memory care and assisted living facilities. "A Labor of Love" we must celebrate together to make it possible for their history to never end. :)

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