Jose Larraga

Award-winning Author

- How is THAP Supported? -

THAP’s work is critically important with over 99% of its funding comes from private in-depth financial contributions from Award-winning author Jose Larraga.

- Foundation Donors -

THAP's operations and financial needs have been supported primarily by the philanthropic “Labor Of Love” of award-winning author Jose Larraga and the generosity of Master Dreamers organization in a mutual desire to make a positive impact in the world.

This means direct funding to the creation, publication, distribution and marketing of the book Hidden Art every year as a “Labor Of Love” for all the seniors living in home care facilities.

It is hard work and a financially expensive project, made possible by the overflowing love for these remarkable people often limited by the scope of the places where they are located.

You can also help us to continue spreading this "Labor Of Love" to every corner of the world. Please consider become a donor today.

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