Our Code of Ethics and Standards were implemented as part of our daily practice in our relationship with each of the seniors living in home care facilities, such as nursing homes, memory care and independent living facilities.

The following information is in constant review and updated to ensure a correct relationship between us as members of The Hidden Art Project (THAP) and the senior residents of the home care facilities who participate as artists creators of the art featured in any of the Hidden Art publications.

The code of ethics and standards provide:

- Accountability to our Seniors

THAP recognizes diversity in our society and embraces a multi-cultural approach to support the worth, dignity, potential and uniqueness of each senior.

Our Code of Ethics and Standards acknowledges the vulnerable population we serve and makes explicit the highest standards of practice.

- Accountability to the Public

Our Code of Ethics and Standards defines for the public the ethical responsibilities expected of THAP and its role in maintaining the highest standards of practice and promotion of ethical behavior.

- Education of THAP Professionals

THAP recognizes the diversity of the experience and education of its members for guidance in both their professional and social roles.

Thus the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice were developed to guide members of THAP in each of these roles. It states the core values and principles to current and future members, to the public, and to allied professionals. All members of THAP are expected to understand and behave in a manner that is consistent with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and Standards.

THAP professionals are subject to "A Labor Of Love" principals:

- 1.1 Integrity

A THAP Professional is honest, diligent, and accountable in the provision of service. A THAP Professional always acts in a manner that is consistent with the professional values stated in this Code.

- 1.2 Loyalty and Responsibility

A THAP Professional is trustworthy and dependable in all aspects of both professional and business relationships. A THAP Professional maintains confidentiality, avoids conflicts of interest, and always pursues the best interest of the seniors.

- 1.3 Promoting Benefit and Avoiding Harm

A THAP Professional promotes seniors’ interests, values, and welfare in order to maximize benefits and avoid harm. A THAP Professional is aware of potential conflicts that may arise when balancing the benefits and risks of interventions being considered. A THAP Professional strives to assure that vulnerable seniors’ individual choices are maximized to the greatest extent possible.

- 1.4 Respect for seniors’ Rights and Dignity

A THAP Professional treats seniors with respect, as complete individuals with their own history, narrative, and unique cultural identity. A THAP Professional respects the rights of each senior, including the right to privacy, and, for the vulnerable senior, strives to balance senior autonomy with the need for protection and safety.

- 1.5 Justice

A THAP Professional behaves in a just and fair way in all professional and business relationships. A THAP Professional does not promote or sanction any form of discrimination such as discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or socioeconomic status.