Award-winning author, Jose Larraga, in association with the 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations Master Dreamers Inc. and Moon Vows Inc., created the projects “A Labor Of Love 2023” and “The Hidden Art Project” with the sole purpose of helping people living in nursing homes, memory care and assisted living facilities make their dreams come true through the annual publication of an art book titled “HIDDEN ART”, featuring their artistic work. 

 Also, in good faith, this document titled ARTISTS’ COLLABORATION AGREEMENT has been created to understand and to provide artists and others with information about the general nature of the project. 

 We believe this agreement shall be governed in all respects by moral values such as integrity, honesty, honor, ethics and respect by the participants. If you are an artist and want to collaborate on this project but have doubts about the subject-matter of this document, we recommend that you refrain from signing it, until you seek advice or simply refrain from the collaboration.


- General Accordances

The above-named artist agree and understand that by signing this Artists’ collaboration agreement he/she would be subject to the following:

1. The artwork should be understood as any piece of art created by an artist living in a nursing home, memory care or assisted living facility. This artwork could be a painting, illustration and/or drawing, photography, poetry, sculpture, craft, etc.

2. The artist represents and warrants that his/her collaboration and submission of his/her artwork to the project “A Labor of Love 2023” is entirely voluntary.

3. The expenses in full incurred in the preparation and publication of the art book of the project “A Labor of Love 2023”, such as design, edition, publication, distribution and marketing, will be sponsored by author Jose Larraga.

4. The collaboration of the artist in the project “A Labor of Love 2023” is free of any cost to the artist. The artist shall have no payment obligation(s) of any kind to the project “A Labor of Love 2023” or to any third parties in connection with their collaboration and submission of their artwork.

5. The artist should produce and submit the artwork at their own expense and in compliance with the following requirements: 5.1. Must be the ORIGINAL ARTWORK (copies will not be accepted). 5.2. Artwork such as painting, illustration and/or drawings, should be submitted preferably in letter size (8.5 by 11 inches) or larger size.

6. The artist agrees and understands that the title, size, format, page number in which the artwork of each artist will be featured, and the general specifications of the art book, are solely at the discretion of the “A Labor of Love 2023”.

7. The above-named artist agrees and understands that the author of the art book would be Jose Larraga.

8. The above-named artist agrees and understands that all proceeds generated from the sale of the art book, will be donated to Moon Vows Inc., a 501(c)(3) a non-profit organization to help and promote new generations of artists.

9. The artist agrees and understands that the deadline to submit all the artwork should be July 31, 2023 at 6pm CST.

- Use of Rights

An artist who has chosen to participate in “A Labor of Love 2023” and has submitted artwork for publication in the art book, agrees and understands that by doing so, he/she is subject to the following use of rights:

I. The artist represents and warrants that the artwork he/she is submitting is original and that he/she is the sole creator and owner of it.

Ia. That the artwork does not infringe the copyright, trademark, right of privacy or any other right of any party.

Ib. That he/she is free to grant the rights granted by this agreement without violating the rights of any third party.

II. The artist represents and warrants that following the submission of the artwork, he/she agrees to grant to the project “A Labor of Love 2023” the copyright and all other rights of the the artwork;

IIIa- That “A Labor of Love 2023” retains the sole copyright and all applicable rights of his/her artwork submitted.

IIIb. That artwork submitted by he/she, become immediately, indefinitely and unrestrictedly, property of the the project “A Labor of Love 2023”.

III. The artist agrees to provide the “A Labor of Love 2023” project, with a recent picture and brief biographical information of himself/herself to be use at the sole discretion of “A Labor of Love 2023” project, in connection with the artwork submitted by him/her. This information might be but not limited to:

IVa. Artist Name

IVb. Artwork Name (“the Artwork”)

IVc. Any relevant information about the artist (optional)

IVd. Any relevant information about the artwork (optional)

IVe. If applicable, Artist’s residence (facility name and address)

IV. The artist understands and agrees that apart from the free publication of his/her artwork in the art book, no compensation will be paid to him/her.

IVa. That the license granted to “A Labor of Love 2023” by him/her under this Agreement is royalty-free.  


Artist Submission

DATE: _________________

ARTIST NAME: _______________________________________________AGE: _______

RESIDENT OF THE FACILITY:________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________


THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE GOVERNED IN ALL RESPECTS -PRIMARILY-, BY MORAL VALUES SUCH AS INTEGRITY, HONESTY, HONOR, ETHICS AND RESPECT OF THE SIGNING PARTIES; and -secondly-, by the law of the State of Texas, as applied to contracts executed and to be performed therein. Any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall be determined in the courts in and for the County of Bexar in the State of Texas.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, artist has executed and validated this agreement on the _______ of the month of ____________________________ , of the year 2023.


By Artist:

Print Name________________________________________________



And by Artist’ legal guardianship:

My name is ________________________________________-, and I warrant that I am the legal guardian of the Artist_________________________________________ in consideration of the project “A Labor of Love 2023” including the artwork in the art book. I approve and agree to all of the terms above, consent to use of the artist’s name, likeness and biographical material as indicated above.

Print Name________________________________________________


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