- Why thap? -

There are so many seniors who live in nursing homes, memory care and assisted living facilities who love to create various kinds of art. Once they finish their art piece, they hang it on a wall in their room, where the art remains hidden, with only the very few people who enter their rooms viewing their artwork. 

 Art, hidden within the confines of healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and assisted living complexes. Art, produced by the most compassionate artists who have ever lived. Art, happy, loving, and full of rich memories. 

 For those residents there is The Hidden Art Project, better know for its abbreviationas "thap".

 THAP is dedicated to all seniors who have ever felt hidden. :)

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- Still here & still dreaming -

The hidden art project and the book Hidden Art are a branch of Master Dreamers Inc., in association with award-winning author Jose Larraga, to honor all the people living in senior care facilities. Is an instrument of inspiration for the residents and then become an inspiration not just for new generations of young artists but for all others who live in these same kind of facilities all around the world.  

Hidden Art represents the fulfilment and beginning of dreams of many seniors living in those facilities. It deliveres a powerful message that there is no age limit to reach our dreams, neither a time constraint to create a legacy that will live forever. 

Hidden Art is a subtle way to have made it impossible for the world to ignore that they are still here and they are still dreaming.

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