It's Time To Move Forward.

Jose speaks the word of God. In his message he wants to share with the world the importance of understanding that it doesn’t matter how successful we are in life, how much we have, how many things we have accumulated, the important thing is how we serve God.

“His belief is that God is not about the religion each person belongs to, nor the parish, church or temple this person is a member of, nor how many times the person has read the Bible, nor how much money the person donates to the cleric, nor how obedient the person is of Canon Law, nor to the clergyman the person listens to, but about the love the person professes to God and only God.”

Jose style does challenge to embrace a renewed perspective of people’s belief in God:

“It is up to us to choose either an easy and comfortable life or a life of service to God, which in the end will bring us more satisfaction.”

For more than a decade Jose has been honored to visit twice a week, senior care facilities, such as, nursing homes, memory care, assisted and independent living facilities; bringing encouragement and inspiration to thousands of their residents in inhouse inspirational services. This is the reason why his name has become synonymous with the word “inspiration” since 2012. His energy is unmatched, his connection with the seniors is unparalleled, and his actionable words drive them to take action, thrive, and to live a better life through their faith in God.

He speaks with poise and confidence, he is passionated, dedicate, determined, focused, reliable, positive, honest, responsible, kind and generous. He seeks to inspire, motivate, and make positive changes in people’s daily living.

What sets Jose apart from most speakers and/or preachers is that he is relatable and an ordinary man, without any ecclesiastical degree, title, diploma, appointment or recognition from any religious organization. However, when it comes to faith and truly serving God, Jose definitely leads everyone.

Jose, is currently one of the few or perhaps the most sought-after inspirational speaker in senior care facilities, accepted and trusted by many national corporations in this field.

Jose is not affiliated with any religious or political group (either formally or informally). He is nonpartisan as well nonsectarian. He does not sell anything, does not ask for, or receive monetary donations, period!