To change lives every day

Jose inspires other to believe in miracles. He speaks compelling true-event stories of unwavering trust and triumphant victories over situations humanly impossible to solve. Only with faith in God can these situations be resolved.

Jose embarks messages of true faith in God (and only God) to overcome adversity. His inspiring speeches have deep connection on a personal level with all listeners. His messages bring them lasting positive changes to help reach their highest potential regardless of their age, or physical condition, wherever they are living.

Jose’s contagious enthusiasm possesses the power to embolden the listeners to conquer any challenge and face their fears head-on. He urges them to embrace discomfort and uncertainty, relying on the mercy of God who will transform obstacles into opportunities. In his own words:

“There is always a bright light on the other side of darkness. You can come back from anything.”

Jose’s speeches are a unique mixture of authenticity, wisdom, charisma, emotions, spontaneity and meaning. Full of love for God and love of our neighbor, fundamental commandments of our Maker. He instills a renewed sense of purpose and determination in every listener, leaving an indelible impact long after an inspirational event.

His messages are heartfelt and diverse, based on faith and devotion to God. He is an authentic man who embarks his unstoppable energy on igniting the spark that drives people towards the fulfillment of their dreams, always having God as a priority in their life.

“I have a deep love in continuing to collect dreams brightened by an unshakable faith in God. Iam not looking for anyone elses recognition but being grateful to Him and only Him because he has give me the extraordinary life I live, allowing me to discover a profound ability to inspire and uplift others.”