Hi. I'm Jose I Larraga.

I am thankfull for all of those who said NO to me. Its because of them I'm doing it myself. Then DREAM BIG, never give up, do your best, LOVE GOD & always keep the faith.

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I create and build amazing things.

Difficult roads have led me to beatiful destinations. Lets keep going!


Content that Generates family unity and healthy entertainment for all ages.


Social responsibility in the develop-

ment of excellent future generations.


Blessed are the writers for they force us to see the world differently.

Awesome business powered by passion.

"I am amazed to see all that we have achieved through the years."


Thirty-eight hours of in-house original programming promoting family values.


World Soccer Headquarters. GRANDES

ONE GOAL!. Inspired by supporters.

NPO / Nonprofit

SUENOS Y TALENTOS ¡Atrevete a soñar! For talented individuals.

Creative Artist

Graphic Design & Web Artist. Multifunctional. Passionate.


Published Author. REALISTIC FICTION.

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JOROL, intuitive interface with smart-.

based technology for true Television.

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