Limitation of Liability & Agreement of Service

1.- I hereby release EZM Customs from any and all liability and claims arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury, as a result of services performed and products used.

2. I hereby understand and agree that EZM Customs can’t guarantee the removal of all contaminants including irremovable carpet or seat stains, irreversible paint defects, etc.

3. I hereby release EZM Customs from any liability for any damage or incidental, visible or otherwise, prior to the vehicle being submitted for services.

4. I hereby authorize EZM Customs to operate submitted vehicle for the purposes of delivery, service, or any other reasons deemed necessary at my risk.

5. I hereby understand that any vehicles received by EZM Customs are in "Good" working order. Customer will be informed if any additional work and fees are necessary in order to properly complete the work being performed.

6. I hereby validate that I am the registered owner or have the full authority of the registered owner(s) of the vehicle being submitted to EZM Customs for services. EZM Customs cannot be held liable in the event an unauthorized individual submits a vehicle for services.

7. I hereby agree to remit payment of any and all services agreed upon, orally or written prior to my vehicle being submitted to EZM Customs.

8. I hereby agree that EZM Customs cannot be held liable for any personal belongings left in the vehicle.

9. I hereby authorize EZM Customs to capture photos and or videos of submitted vehicle for promotional advertising purposes, excluding the vehicle’s License Plate Number and Vehicle Identification Number.

10. Due to the abnormal nature of non permanent coatings EZM Customs cannot guarantee that all jobs will be 100% perfect.

If for any reason you are not satisfied, EZM Customs will do what it deems necessary and reasonable for total customer satisfaction. All sales are final.





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