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  • In EZM CUSTOMS we love what we do and our work shows. Thats why we spend hours and hours in each work (With out affecting your budget), so the end product is nothing less than amazing.

    From our amazing customer service to our eco-friendly products and our trained professional technicians to our convenient location, we are sure to be the only stop for your custom needs.

    EZM CUSTOMS have the experience, equipment, material, staff, but specially the passion to do any job from right to simply amazing.

    We work on any custom needs for your vehicle. Whether you are looking for an small or a major custom work, our facility is well-equipped with the latest technology to ensure all our projects are finished correctly and in a little time. We do these tasks quickly and skillfully!

    Before going anywhere else we encourage you to drop by our shop and check us out in person and see why our clients continue to return. 

    Whether you are looking for COATING, DIPPING, DETAILING, CUSTOMIZING, or a complete transformation of your vehicle you've come to the right place!.

Our Services


Paint Coatings have become quite popular over the past several years and EZM CUSTOMS offers plenty of great options that are available for all consumers.

EZM CUSTOMS is a big supporter of paint coatings because offers an Excellent Durability & Protection, Measurable Thickness, Hardness, Ease of Maintenance, Resistant to Contamination, Hydrophobic Properties, Intense Gloss and Shine.

See our gallery of Paint Coating cars, that we have done recently.


EZM CUSTOMS know that Auto detailing is one of the most valuable maintenance programs for your vehicle. It is meant to increase the longevity and re-sale value of your vehicle.

EZM CUSTOMS’ is committed to providing superior quality in the auto detailing industry, while delivering extraordinary customer service, thats why we have earned a reputation for excellence. We are proud to be referred to again and again as “The Best Detailing Shop in Houston Texas.”


Recently automotive enthusiasts have found a reversible way to customize and change the color of their vehicle without damaging the paint. This is called "dipping your car".

EZM CUSTOMS is the home of Texas' first DipYourCar.com.

We are Authorized Installers and premier liquid wrap specialists. Our certified and professional installers are highly trained to provide the best layer of protection to make your dip job last longer without the need of touch ups.


It takes a lot of experience, material, creativity & labor time to do a customize a car properly.

We spend hours and hours in our prep work, and do multiple draws so the end product is nothing less than amazing.

You may find others who do it for cheaper, but professional work speaks for itself. We are established professionals, and stand behind our work.

Call us today for the best Customizing service Houston area.

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