Liquid Vinyl Wrapping/Plasti Dip

Liquid Vinyl Wrapping or "Dipping" is an exciting new trend sweeping the automotive industry. It is revolutionary because it is completely reversible. It’s a great way to customize and change the color of your vehicle without damaging the paint. This is called "dipping your car". It is similar to traditional vinyl wrapping, but much more cost effective and safer for your paint.

Dipping your car is an amazing and innovative way to customize your car. It is a sprayable protective coating that is genius when it comes to giving your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or boat a brand new look. If applied properly it is very durable and looks amazing. Best of all, it is completely removable.

EZM CUSTOMS is the home of Texas' first Authorized Installer. We have years of experience and have completed hundreds of projects with amazing results.

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Plasti Dip is a plastic/rubberized coating that was originally known for coating the handles of tools, benches, outdoor public furniture as well as many other miscellaneous uses until it was discovered that it can be used for many automotive applications.

When properly applied, it can be peeled off of the surface without damaging the paint underneath. The key is to lay enough coats that you create a tough, flexible "skin" over the vehicle. The trick is getting it to lay smooth and you would be hard pressed to find anyone who can do that better than EZM.


There is quite a bit involved when it comes to dipping a car/truck properly. Our method involves a very detailed checklist for prepping, painting, and finishing the vehicle. We treat our dip jobs very similar to that of a traditional paint job.

We do not cut corners and use a special gauge to measure the thickness of the coating on each panel to ensure an even distribution. When choosing a company to do the work, always be sure and see their work in person beforehand. We have had to correct other shop’s poor workmanship countless times. If not applied properly it can be a nightmare to correct and becomes very costly.

Always remember, you get what you pay for and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to customizing your ride.


Well, besides being the envy of the town with that custom dipped whip, it will actually protect your original factory paint job. It is especially great at helping to prevent rock chips or potential scratches.

Liquid vinyl is better than traditional vinyl in many ways. It is generally much cheaper, less expensive to maintain, and safer on your paint. We have heard many horror stories of customers who removed their vinyl wrap and it peeled off some of their factory paint in the process, which is not a cheap fix. With hundreds of colors to choose from the possibilities are endless.

We can even mix up something custom if you’d like.

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