Unburied Love

Unburied Love

best poetry book ever!

Tendency 2021: Trend leader of the best poetry in 2021. Dedicated to the power, passion and quest for true and pure love, with surrender, with acceptance and with abandonment.

savvy literary said:

“Anyone who has experienced the happiness and heartbreak of true love can definitely identify with the exquisite expressions of love of this book.”

the editor said:

“I must confess that I end up crying during each reading because the poetry is so beautiful.”

the publisher said:

“I am so extremely proud to be publishing this wonderful body of work.”

Unburied Love is the story of deep love that has happened billions of times to billions of people. It is your story, my history, and the promise of generations to come. A story that we can never bury, because it has consumed us forever. Unburied Love it is the artistic expression of our soul, although it is complex, we can understand, because we are part of it, it belongs to us, and we belong to it.

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