coffee table book of romantic poems

Ineffable is the joy and pain; the smile and tears; the bliss and suffering, in the expression of loving and being loved. It is the deepest place where feelings reside. Where love begins, or where it dies.

excerpt page 19

I can't stop seeing you, if you exist in my soul. Just let me take refuge in the unscathed splendor. Now that with a look, I have tasted your love. I only have to look at you a thousand times... to live forever...

excerpt page 109

You are the reason why the words come out of my mouth. For you woman, my heart bleeds, for living in your absence. Tell me just one reason for you to not live in my thoughts. If you are all my reason, and the reason for everything I do not have...

excerpt page 379

A beautiful yesterday, which forged a distant brightness. A truth that goes beyond a complete existence. Where there are only a thousand more years to wake up. Where it is inevitable to live the exact moment...

Ineffable is a relief and comfort for the soul. It is a sublime and inexplicable feeling. Ineffable is the ultimate expression of joy and sadness, subtleness and diffuseness of the beginning and the end of life and death. Ineffable is a lifestyle, expressed in poetry.

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